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the fanfic I didn't finish
Page 9

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You cant deny that youre a lesser solider.


Your major strengths are your intellect in battle strategy and wealth, with wealth being a false strength, to hide your exceedingly poor fighting technique and tactical skills.

Your gundam is ill-equipped for battles outside of the desert let alone the outer reaches of space.

What a waste, a pretty boy, flying a gundam. Wouldnt your father have wanted you to amount to more than this?

Quatre leaned up against a wall in the hallway and slumped to the floor. Father, I tried., he whispered, as he slowly closed his eyes. His fingernails dug into the cool, smooth wood of the hallways walls. Rain began to pelt the earth outside; the smell of thick mud and humus escaped the ground-soaked meadows and filled the small log cabin with dank odor. The plip-plops of rain seemed to meld with the beating of Quatres heart. Tears trickled down Quatres face at the thought of his ruined birthday party and Wufeis words from so long ago. 1. One heart beat, and he saw an image of Relena, stepping out of a small blue car and pushing a small plait behind her ear. As she turned a quarter to face him, her plum dress billowed playfully, her warm smile melting the iciness that resided in Quatres heart right now. 2. Quatre remembered how Heero had taken up faith in him by installing the zero system in his gundam to fight the remaining mobile dolls in A.C 195. 3 A nightmarish likeness of Wufei came charging forth with a samurais sword from the darkest depths of voided space. Suddenly, Quatre began to cough violently, and his efforts to restrain his chests hacking upheaval of sputum was futile. Wufei Quatre strained, coughing more and more as the rain continued to pelt the ground. While the herb was wreaking havoc on Quatres system, Quatre pulled a joint out of his pocket and tried to focus his bewildered eyes on it. Do I need this stuff now, when we are no longer in battle? Do I still need this, to be strong? Wufei, you told me, you told me its powerful, but I am no longer powerful, I am weak again. I was always weak. Im just weak, Wufei!

The torrential rains pounded the ground with even more force, ripping the grass from the roots.
Quatre closed his eyes and saw smoke pouring from the rolled up paper in his hands. Quatre looked at Wufei, and Wufei took the joint out of Quatres hand, took a hit, and passed it back. Quatre was feeling a sick numbness all over his body, and at that instant, he wouldve jumped up and went home, but his limbs felt to heavy to lift. Wufei was expressionless as he instructed Quatre to take a turn.

Wufeis words rang as loud as a church bell and echoed throughout Quatres mind as he envisioned his first high.



4., he counted, as he nodded off into his dream, lying on the floor, in the hallway...