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the fanfic I didn't finish
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When Quatre went out and embraced Dorothy, Relena escorted herself into the womens bathroom. Outside, Dorothy saw this and knew what the matter could have been, but as Quatre came towards her with arms open, she decided that she would deal with Relena a bit later.
Relena went into the bathroom, retrieved a pad from her purse, and stared at it. Quatres birthday. Why havent I started yet? Even two months is too irregular for my cycle. She placed the pad back in her purse and leaned on a stall, slouched, and slowly slid and plopped herself on the floor. What was the truth? She told Quatre she thought she may have been pregnant. That was no lie. She finally told Dorothy that she thought she may have been pregnant, over the phone, on the morning of Quatres birthday. With Dorothys evil, conniving ways, that may not have been a good idea. But for some reason, Dorothy appeared to have already known or figured this, and told Relena that everything was going to be o.k. Could this be another one of her evil scams, soon to be coming into play? Relena contemplated with dead silence, as she hung up the phone that morning, Quatre told me that bimbo was lying about her and Heero! You! Dorothy Catalonia! The phone sat on a counter in Relenas kitchen, and she stared at the phone with such anger, it was as if she were staring at the Evil One herself. Dorothy Catalonia! You BITCH!!, Relena screamed at the top of her lungs. Everything had become too much for her to handle. She picked up the phone and slammed it on the hardwood floor in the kitchen several times. BITCH! BITCH! BITCH! each time she screamed curses at Dorothy, she slammed the phone crashing to the floor with a staggering amount of force. She almost cracked the receiver. The ringer began to faintly chime but with more of Relenas violent rage it ceased to even faintly chime. Relenas face bore tiny little droplets of sweat around her sideburns. Beads of sweat stung her entire beet-red upper torso. WWWWWHHHHHHY?!?!?!?! she sobbed loudly, as she threw the phone from the kitchen into the living room and sank onto the kitchen floor. The phone hit the wall with a CRACK! and fell into pieces on the red carpet. She felt so hurt and confused that she could not stop crying, but hearing the phones loud demise threw her a quick glimpse of reality, for the moment. Panting heavily, she smacked her chest with her hand and felt that her heart was beating rampant and out of control. This isnt how the main representative of the space senate is supposed to act., she thought as she brought herself to her feet and got ready to go to work. But even when she donned her suit that morning and left to handle her numerous business and political affairs, there were many other things that were on her mind. Not just Quatres birthday party that was that afternoon, though she had already bought him a gift the week before. And now, slumped down in the bathroom after Wufeis departure to get treatment during Quatres birthday party, she faced one of those truths. One of those fears. In an indirect manner. The truth was that deep down, she knew that she wasnt going to need that pad in her purse for a long while. Quatre knew it, of course, she told him, but many of her concerns were not his. Quatre would not understand the other side of things., she thought to herself, as she hugged her purse close to her bosom. Relena unzipped her black purse and retrieved the pad and stared at it blankly. I suppose it will be a while before I need to use this again., she said, and she tossed it into the waste basket by the sink. One cigarette in her purse glared back at her and dared her to smoke it. She quit almost a year ago, and somehow, the little vice had recently found its way into her purse. She had been resisting the temptation to light up for quite a while and was hoping that everything would not become too much to bear, especially now. Oh, if its a boy, shall I name him Heero? she sighed, and she shuffled the now super-strong cigarette between her fingers. Heero would love to name his son after himor his codename Heero! What will we name him or her?! she pondered, remembering that Heero was the codename given him, after the assassinated peacekeeper known as Heero Yuy.
Or is it even Heero Yuys child? Dorothy had walked in and must have heard Relena talking to herself. She seated herself next to Relena, whose eyes began to water. That part was the other truth, not ready to be acknowledged or dealt with yet, in the back of Relenas mind. The other truths. Its all your damn fault! Relena screeched, and scooted herself farther from where Dorothy sat.
Relena! Dorothys eyes began to melt with sorrow and guilt as she inched towards Relena, who continued to move farther away, sobbing.

Please! Forgive me Relena!

Relena kicked at Dorothy wildly. The metal on her sandals strap grazed Dorothys leg but did not leave a scratch.

Relena! Im sorry! Yes, it was wrong of me to tell a lie, but I must tell a lie, for that is how humanity survives!!!

What the fuck are you ON?!?!?!?! Relena screamed in Dorothys face, literally splattering the words all over Dorothys face and nice birthday dress that she bought to wear especially on Quatres birthday. Dorothy quickly brushed the thick saliva from her face and clothes with her jacket sleeve that she had laid on the floor and dodged that monstrous punch that Relena threw that was aimed at her face. Dorothy managed to roll backwards and out of the way of Relenas foot raining hell to her face, but it was not enough to get away from Relenas vicious chokehold. Relena jumped on Dorothy and began to choke the crap out of her, shouting, I never, EVER, understood what the-

HELLO?!?!?!?! a voice from outside of the bathroom door echoed, as someone pounded on the door to be let in. Whats goin on in there?!?! Catherine and Ms. Une burst into the door and immediately took measures to break up the fight.

Dorothys hand pushed Relenas angry face and torso away from her, while her other hand braced her and kept her head from being repeatedly slammed against the floor. Dorothy was scared out of her mind; she had never seen Relena this way before!! And never did she think she would see the day that Relena kicked her ass

With each of Relenas growling words, Dorothys head hit the tile, I- never- under-stood what the hell- you were talking- about-

You used to be a PEACECRAFT!! Dorothy exclaimed in horror, while a thin dribble of blood began to ooze down the left-front side of her forehead. If I hurt her, she will never trust me again, ever! Dorothy thought to herself. She certainly never thought that shed be in a situation where shed hesitate to do harm to Relena, especially if Relena was harming her, this much

Suddenly, Quatre burst through the doors where Catherine and Ms. Noin continued their struggling to restrain Relena and rescue Dorothy.

What the hell is- AAANHHHH Quatres eyes widened with horror as he dashed into the bathroom and broke up the fight

Ahhhh, Nataku Relena had said a few nights before, while plaiting Wufeis hair. There was dim light in the room, from a small lamp on a nightstand next to his bed. He sat on the floor in front of her, while she gently combed and continued to braid a tiny braid of his hair, then take it down and braid it again.

She was a lovely gundam indeed. Wufeis eyes widened with anger when Relena made this comment.

No dammit, Meiran was my wife!! IIII loved

I know, Wufei. I know that this is why you have been so discouraged. I know that her memory lingers on in your heart. I know that her passing has been bothering you for years. But you must realize that just because you are moving on with your life doesnt mean that you have forgotten or will forget her. You dont have to, Wufei. You dont have to fight anymore to prove that you are strong. Your strength comes from within, now. It always has. Im sure Meiran sees you and what youre doing in school as we speak, from not so far away. And I know that, Wufei, she is also very proud of you. Relena reclined on Wufeis wooden-beamed bed, which squeaked as she turned to lie on her side. Wufei continued to sit on the floor, his bare, dusty feet chilled by the draft coming from the front door. The comb was jutting out from a part in his dark silken hair that Relena had made but did not finish. Wufei nestled his forehead in his arms and peered from his knees to the floor. He lifted his forehead and looked into Relenas eyes. Whats the matter Wufei? Are you feeling better? She asked, smiling mischievously and lightly smacking his forehead with her foot. Wufei grabbed her ankle and pulled Relena, who was screaming in laughter and protest, off of the bed and into his lap. He smiled as she roared into laughter while he tickled her all over. She almost managed to get away, crawling like wildfire across the floor, but Wufei grabbed the meat of her thigh and pulled Relena, protesting still with yet another wild fit of laughter, close to him.