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the fanfic I didn't finish
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Treize was already arranging his vicious plans, if I could have just destroyed her right then and there, I would have never had to think about her or the preposterous idea for the potential of the need for feelings ever again.

But Duo, she would not forsake me, no matter what I did to get her to go away from me, she would not leave me. The seeds of love had already been planted within my heart as she bandaged my wounds when you shot me. I was so shocked, I didnt know what to do, didnt know what to say I never knew what to do, I never knew what to say, but I tried to ignore the feelings tugging at my heart, for the sake of fulfilling my priorities with the missions.
Heero continued to think of the day that he told Duo his big secret.

his heart filling with emotion, his lips trembling, as he leaned in to softly kiss Relenas. Slowly, slowly
A dish shattered loudly against the kitchen floor. Heero! Heero, are you alright?! Trowa stammered as he hurriedly grabbed a broom and a dust pan to help Heero get up the mess he had made. Heero replied, Yeah, Im fine., but he looked as though he had seen a ghost. When he looked back out into the bar, he saw that Relena and Quatre were still out there having a ball to a new song that everyone had liked. Heero
Heero looked up to see Trowa towering over him. Why dont you take a break, Heero. Trowa yanked Heero up off of the floor where shards of glass still remained. Understood., Heero resolutely replied, hanging his head low, as he walked out of the kitchen toward the bar to sit and watch the festivity.
Heero sat down on a stool, and watched Quatre and Relena dancing. It was Quatres birthday, and Quatre was a friend, so, he felt it inappropriate to cuss him out then and there. He decided that he would do it later, as he turned around on the stool to face the bar, and finished his shot. And thats when it happened.
OH my GOD!! Relena shouted as Duo, unable to withstand his own mammoth pangs of terror, collapsed right after carrying a skeletal, shrieking mass of Wufei out of the bathroom. Quatre ran over by Duo, passed out on the floor, and caught Wufei before he hit the ground, as well. Quatre Wufei moaned, who seemingly was writhing in Quatres arms in a great deal of pain. Quatre started shaking all over as the crowd gasped and murmured in quiet fear. His gaze was fixed on Wufeis sunken-in eyes and wildly beating heart. WhatWhat the hell is this?! he screamed, going into shock. The room remained silent. Heero dashed up from his seat nearly knocking over all of the chairs and seated guests around him and rushed to the pilots aid, as did Trowa, who came running out of the kitchen to see what was going on. Catherine reached for the phone to call 911, when Trowa shouted that it would be better if the pilots transported Wufei to the hospital by motorcycle. Wufei will get help much quicker, that way he shouted, as the guests stared at the pilots, trying to haul their moaning comrade out of the door and to the motorcycle that had just arrived for Quatre. Motorcycle?! Quatre exclaimed, impatiently waiting for Trowa to quickly explain what he meant. Yes, theres your new Harley, now, lets go!
Huh? Quatre solemnly looked outside to see his brand-spanking new harley, and it all came together for him. There was Dorothy, shouting as Heero and Trowa snatched the bike out of her grasp in annoyance and lifted Wufei to the back of it. And like lightning, they sped off down the lonely road. Little by little, Quatre saw Trowa and Heero with Wufei in the side car become smaller and smaller, until they were too far gone down the road to be visible. And then Quatre turned his attention to Dorothy, who apologetically looked back at Quatre. He smiled, as the cool air brushed against his face, newly-stained with fresh tears, his heart tainted with cold fear and indignity, as he thought of how sick Wufei had looked when Heero and Trowa rushed with Wufei to the hospital- and of how wrong he was to have misjudged Dorothy so. They tried so much to make me happy today., he thought to himself, with bitterness and guilt in his heart for what was happening to Wufei., Its not my fault, its not my fault, he repeated to himself over and over again, in his heart. Dorothy stared into his eyes from afar, confused as to why they just ran off with Quatres birthday present and why Wufei looked so sick. With hands at her hips, she turned to face Quatre and her worry diminished a little but did not dissipate completely. Dorothy! he whispered very faintly, as he neared her puzzled stance, and the two shared in a loving embrace. Yet for some reason, Relena was in the back of Quatres mind, right along with Wufei. Wufei will be fine. Im sure of it! he thought to himself, giving a little comfort to the feeling of dread that his friend might be in serious trouble. But the night of crazily wild, fun dancing with Relena thus far reminded Quatre of another time the two had had together that he had been trying to forget, but with little success. Quatre knew. He was falling in love with Relena Peacecraft.
Inside of the bar, Catherine and Mrs. Une frantically continued to bring Duo back to consciousness. Catherine held Duos head in her lap and fanned him while Mrs. Une placed rags soaked in ice water upon Duos head. Mariemaia Khushrenada set her chair into motion and positioned it next to her surrogate mother, Ms. Une. Mama, is Duo going to be O.K.? Mariemaia asked Lady Une, adjusting her position in her wheelchair while tugging at Ms. Unes blouse sleeve. Duo will be fine, Mariemaia. I know how much you would like to help, but right now, it would be best that you let Ms. Catherine and I tend to Duo alone. Do you understand, dear?
Yes, mother. Mariemaia steered her wheel chair towards the middle of the crowd, where she watched worriedly, along with the rest of the people attending Quatres party.
Relena looked down bitterly upon Duo who continued to lay unconscious, knowing exactly what was wrong with Wufei. She knew the crack addiction was getting worse, just as everyone else had known, but had kept it a secret. Take him to the hospital. Take him here, take him there, what was Sally Pos problem? She knew how sick Wufei was. He needed treatment even before the war with Dekim and his guerilla rats. He was getting into drugs when Treize had defeated him. Natakuhe kept saying to me, that nightNataku Nataku. Such a beautiful word that reflected the great pride that Wufei took in his gundam, which, he claimed the spirit of his passed wife still remained in, even after he blew the gundam up after the war with Dekim. And when he blew it up, he got more heavily into drugs, alcohol, and sex. He lived a very wild life. Wufei was different, but only his closest friends could see beyond his mask of perfection in school and around the dean board of the Law Academy. But everyone assumed that his problem would just go away. Everyone except the gundam pilots, that is. And what an unfortunate turn of events, that Wufei finally got too sick for anyone, including Wufei himself, to play it off, on the day of Quatres birthday party. Girl! Wufei sputtered and coughed, as he reached out towards Relenas hand that night as Trowa and Heero whisked him away to be taken to the hospital. Relena did not speak one word. She could not say anything. All of the words that she could think of could not be spoken aloud, not in the company of various others that were at Quatres birthday party. Her heart cried out to him, as they carried him out of the door. She reached out her hand, trying to grab his. With lips trembling, only nonsense syllables came out of her mouth. Re-Relena Wufei gasped with short breaths as Heero and Trowa struggled to carry his fragile body carefully out of the door of the pub. Hearing Wufei call out her name made Heero glance down at Wufei. Heero was puzzled, but ignored his comrades babbling, as Trowa was making it clear that the most important thing to do was to hurry up and get Wufei to the hospital.