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the fanfic I didn't finish
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Stop it, Wufei! Stoooooop!! Relena whacked Wufei with a pillow. Wufei grabbed the pillow and threw it onto the wooden floor and jumped onto the rickety bed. Relena was cornered, still laughing. Wufei she shouted, and threw her hand out in front of his face. Please. She knew full well that certainly itd take much more than that to make him quit, but she secretly liked it. Yes, she did, and she didnt know why. He seemed to be able to get away with things; to the 3rd degree with her. Wufei did not move a muscle, however, much to her surprise. He froze perfectly still, waiting for Relena to try to get away again or give him the go. Relena didnt know what to think, as the slightest possible movement from her would cause him to amuse her with his silly games once more

Wufei took this as a cue to continue the tortue, smiled naughtily at her, and pursed his lips on Relenas belly and blew onto it. It made a funny farting sound, and tickled Relena to death! Relena was so tickled, she did not know what to do!!

While Relena had laughed herself a good side-stich, Wufei cradled her, picked her up, and sat her gently on his bed. For the next five minutes, they gazed into the others eyes, while Wufei repeatedly, gently stroked her hair and tenderly caressed her cheekbones with his fingertips. Youve come a long way, Wufei., she thought to herself, while gazing into his eyes a while longer. Slowly, he began to recline next to her, but as she reached for his hand, he retracted and turned opposite of her. Relena, troubled by the action of coldness, also turned away, laid on her back and twiddled her thumbs, nervously.
Why do you say that Heero Yuy has cheated on you? Why do you keep saying that Heero Yuy messed around with Dorothy Catalonia? he asked, his normal arrogance in recession. He felt that he could be just a little more honest with Relena than he could be with others.

Do you think he did it, Wufei? she asked, peering at the ceiling fans slow and endless revolution.

Would he?

Relenas eyes widened. She knew what Wufei was thinking. Heero would never cheat on her. Dorothy was lying. Or was she? The pain of the thought of Heero cheating on her, was enough to make her want to die, right then and there. She looked around her. This isnt my bed, this isnt my room she thought, realizing that she was not visiting these personal thoughts in the privacy and safety of her own home. It wasnt like Wufei could read her mindshe quickly dismissed the thought and the following inferences that would have went along with it. Would he? Wufeis words continued to echo through her mind while she tried to figure out once again, rather or not to believe Dorothy or Heero.

Would he? Relena was perplexed, and hurt. The question lingered in her eyes as they stared into Wufeis.

No, he would not. No, no he wouldnt leave you, Relena, no he wouldnt
I think you two need to get a few things straightened out., Catherine said exasperated, to Relena as she headed back into the bar. Huh? Relena was slumped over on a wall in the womens restroom. Oh, rightIm sorry, I was in a daze, Ms. Une, in fact, I think Ill give my last regards to Quatre and head on my way home. Relena told Ms. Une. Ms. Une shook her head in disgust at Relena, put the last of the bandages they happened to have on hand on Dorothys forehead, and helped her up and out of the restroom. Quatre waited patiently outside. We should take her to the emergency center right away to treat that nasty cut. Sally Po now stood by the door, and comforted Quatre as Dorothy limped out in front of the crowd in her current disheveled temperament. Quatre held Dorothy up, the two of them taking baby steps towards the exit. He turned for a second and glanced back at Relena, perplexed. She didnt have an excuse for what had happened. She also did not feel that an apology was in order on Dorothys behalf, but she would have been willing to apologize to Quatre. Perhaps in a month or so, I can call him, she thought to herself. Relena turned away from him where she sat and looked down at the floor. What..whats wrong with me? She felt so ashamed for all that had happened. She didnt know how to feel. She couldnt describe her pain. It was unnatural. Or at least she knew that she had no true confidantor could she tell Quatre when things quieted down, a little? Maybe she could confide in him again, besides, she had told him many things on several other accounts. Maybe he would be able to handle what she had to tellto tell somebody
Relenas actions towards Dorothy caused Quatre to be very confused about his feelings toward each of them. But because of all of the events that night, Quatres party was cut short. After Dorothy was in the hospital and everyone else had left, Duo sat at the bar with Quatre and offered counsel. Catherine smacked Quatres hand from grabbing a 7th shot of Vodka and Coke. Youve had enough, Quatre! Duo, taketake him home, Duo. The night went wrong. No one wore a smile. Duo grabbed Quatres keys by the emptied wine glasses and dragged Quatre out of the bar. Even Duo, for once, could not smile. Just this one time, while he sat and talked and talked with Quatre and tried to tell a joke, his talk only amounted to just that- talk. There was nothing else he could do. If I can take Quatre home and drop him off real quick, I might be able to stop by the hospital with the others and see how Wufeis doing., Duo thought, while driving on the lonely, quiet roads that night, to Quatres house. Duo glanced and Quatre. Too messed up to have went with Lady Une to sign Dorothy into the clinic, eh buddy? Well you sure arent in any better shape, now. Duo chuckled to himself warmly while turning onto Quatres street. Duo let out a brief sigh, What a long night.

Duuuuuuuro, wjeres Duur-Durrroooorth- BUEEEEEEEGGGGHHHHH