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the fanfic I didn't finish
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Wufei staggered past Duo towards the bathrooms exit to continue to help with Quatres birthday party,

but he didnt make it to the door before he had tripped over his feet and fell to the floor. Duo raced over to catch him before he hit the floor, and Wufei yelped in pain as he felt something in his chest snap. Duo gasped at the sound of the cracking bone, and of how unnervingly light Wufei felt in his arms. Duo suddenly felt sick but was determined to do whatever it took to save Wufei. Duos heart began to pump furiously as he frantically began to prop Wufei up on one shoulder. Hey man, its gonna be OK! Just hang in there!, he yelled at Wufei, half sobbing, but Wufei did not respond. Duo could feel his friends life slowly melting away from him, in his arms, before his eyes.
In the bar, Quatre was greeting Ms. Une and Mariemaia Khushrenada. Mariemaia was becoming a titan force in the colonies under Relena. Her mother, Ms. Une, was very proud of her. Ms. Une had become chief executive of the Preventers and of the colonys police force, who were still investigating the rumors of Zechs and Noins deaths.
In the kitchen, Trowa and Heero were unpacking the last of the dishes, while Catherine and the rest of her kitchen crew were working feverishly behind the counters to feed all of the guests. Since Mr. Johnstons been sick, weve had to abandon the traveling circus. The income for Mr. Johnstons medicine has mainly been coming from my sisters bar and grill., Trowa explained to Heero, who listened attentively as he unpacked some more dishes, We barely have enough money to get by on, now. I saved a great deal of my pay for Quatres party, but Im sure that todays revenue will be more than doubled in comparison to the average daily amount, as a result of the success of this birthday bash. And look, Heero, Quatre seems to be having a good time. They both looked out of the kitchen door to see Quatre and Relena doing the butt to some disco music that one of the former Maganac pilots had brought in. Everyone was jitterbugging on the floor, laughing, and dancing, and having a good time. At the sight of Relena and Quatre dancing, Trowa looked at Heero, who just shrugged and continued to remove more dishes from the boxes. I love you, Heero. Those were the words that echoed in his mind, wherever he went, day to day, as if it had all happened just the day before. Heero tried to remove the thought from his mind but began to stare into space as the memories flooded in to recapture his heart once more.

I love you, Heero.

Relena had placed her hand in his as she lovingly nestled herself in his warm and tender embrace on that fateful day that he finally declared his feelings to her.

I love you, Heero.

He could not understand why his best and most true, trusted friend, Duo, would betray him so by telling her his biggest secret. Of course, Heero would have never thought that things would turn out as well as they did when she found out, but maybe Duo did have his best interests at heart, after all.

Please dont ever forget. I want to be with you forever. Heero was shocked at these words, he was so shocked, that in his surprise, he found himself gasping for breath. He had never felt so vulnerable in his whole life. He had mastered several methods of attack, armed, and with the best of gundams. He had skillfully mastered the art of computer hacking, and every unexpected encounter on the field of war he had masterfully learned to deal with in a consistently systematic manner. But when he met Relena, his systematic way of doing things had slowly become questionable, and he began to rethink his whole life. Living for fighting had enabled him to cope with emotions, and feelings of loss that he had only known too well. Living for the fight had enabled him to ignore his emotions, altogether. There was no room for such notions in a war, as he had been taught since he was in his early youth. There is no need for emotions in battle, boy! Dr. J. had once shouted at him, when he had accidentally killed a helpless little civilian girl. And though he never showed his pain outwardly, the memory of findng the little girls puppy, dead in the snow, continued to haunt him. Heero had effortlessly executed several successful missions all of his life, all the while callous towards the lives of his enemies, civilians, and his own life. His eerie sense of calm when facing death chilled those that knew him well and cared about him. But Heero viewed his life as an expendable tool of war.In fact, his whole view of life became this. He had no great appreciation for his life, or for the lives of others, until he met the one girl that changed his way of thinking. In fact, their chance encounter had changed both of their lives forever.

When at first Heero told Duo that he may have really fallen in love with Relena, Duo guffawed at his reserved and quiet friend. Well, I knew the day would come when you seeked my help for love advice. Well believe you me, I am the king knight of passion, of course, since youre my best friend and all, I suppose I could spare a worthy bachelor a few pointers. Just leave it to me, buddy. Ill have you two love birds gettin it in the bushes in no time!! Duo said, with a ridiculous air of supposed sophistication that Heero fell out of his chair laughing at him. Duos face had turned red with anger as he screamed in a squeaky voice, Hey, whats so funny?! Ill have you know Heero, the girls are all over me at the clubs!! Heero continued to laugh hysterically at Duos further assertions. I banged her on the counter! I did Heero! Right in the kitchen of El Grandia restaurant, I did, I did!, Duo cried out, as he sat down and curled up into a ball on the floor. Heeros face was turning bright red as he howled now with nonstop laughter, when finally Duo realized that Heero was not buying his amusing boasts of silly conquests. Fine, Heero! You dont have to believe me now, but when you meet Raina and Ariel Heero let out one last whoop of laughter and wiped the tears from his eyes with the back of his hands, and then grabbed his throbbing side muscles. One could always count on Duo for a good laugh, he thought, still smiling. Ok man, so whats up with you and Relena? Duo finally asked, after his initial embarrassment was finally relinquished. Heero began to recount the events that led to his current state. Relena says that I have inspired her to find the strength within herself to go on, but her life is worth much more than mine. I could never amount to her worth. I am nothing. She is everything. She isbeautiful, she has a lot more going for her in life than me. She never knew of this horrible world that I live in until she met me. War, victory, death. She needed not to ever know of these things. She would have been perfectly fine without ever knowing me. Every time I am in her presence, I feel a sensation overcome me that I cant explain. Several times in the past, I found myself wanting to protect her, but those strange new feelings and her peaceful motives always seemed to interfere with my missions. Of course, I could never kill her. I could never hurt Relena. Her naivety was not dishonorable; it was an example of the fact that there was indeed a small trace of humanity that remained in this savage, ruthless world. And the day came when I found her, sheIshe protected me, saved me., Heeros voice choked up on those last few words, as he continued, while Duo listened to Heeros confessions of love, No one had ever cared so much about me before! I wanted to tell her, so long ago, that I, that II couldnt tell her. There was no room for it, not in the mission at hand. Treize was already arranging his vicious plans, if I could have just destroyed her right then and there, I would have never had to think about