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the fanfic I didn't finish
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Her dress was grass-stained and muddied as she fed her plants,

and her straw hat reflected all of the suns rays, making presence glow as if she were a spectacular flower in that garden. Here you are, little ones, devour this creature that has already been killed for you to eat! Devour him, devour him, so that you may grow strong, and become a fierce angel like your momma! Devour him, and become a strong and powerful plant! she whispered to the plants, as she dropped yet another small piece of burger meat into the chops of another fly-trap. The jaws quickly clasped the small piece of meat as it began to chemically break down the substance into useable proteins. Quatre watched from afar, chuckling warmly at the scene. Little beads of sweat rolled down his face, it was 376 Kelvins outside! Though it was very muggy outside, he did not want to go inside just yet, Quatre just wanted to watch Dorothy tend to her garden. To admire her strange habits and striking beauty from afar.

Hey Quatre? Quatre! Your cake is here, man, earth to Quatre! Duo waved his hands in front of Quatres face, and Quatre is startled from his daydream. He was probably thinking about that woman again., Wufei said in disgust as he passed out the silverware and Trowa passed out the plates. At this remark, Trowa glanced at Wufei, and immediately knew what Wufei was thinking of. It was obvious. Beyond that face of pitiful pride was a young man in terrible pain. Wufei looked up at Trowa, as well, who nodded in understanding and approval for Wufei to take a break. Wufei handed Heero the rest of the silverware right when the scientists walked in the door. Dr. J. and the other scientists handed their gifts for Quatre to Catherine who stacked them on top of the rest of the gifts by the TV. Quatre was very pleased to see his scientist for the sandrock and sandrock custom gundams. It was a sad state that the gundam scientists were in, now that the wars had ended, new uses for gundanium alloy were still under development, but during the meantime, each had had his own difficulties with finding employment. But all were glad to have been able to make it to Quatres party.
Shortly after the scientists arrived, Rashid and the main members of the maganac corps had come in, and the rest arrived later. Guests from near and far were rapidly filling up the diner, the air slowly filled more and more with jovial talk and festivity. Trowa and Heero went in the back of the kitchen to open up more boxes of new dishware and silverware for the surplus of unexpected guests. Hey, wheres he goin? Duo asked Relena while pointing in Wufeis direction. Relena looked at Wufei, then back at Duo, shrugged, and continued to sip her lemonade and stir it with her straw, nostalgically. Quatre was now standing by the door, greeting each guest that came into the tavern for his party, while Wufei went into the mens bathroom. He went by the sink and ran some cold water and splashed it on his face. His warrior clan would have been proud of him, he being an ace student at the Sanc Kingdoms Law Enforcement Academy. His strong sense of justice was paying off in helping out fellow members of the student body with issues of crime on the campus, and he also dished out justice as Judge Wufei Chang on BBTV primetime. Wufei smiled, thinking of his various accomplishments. Meiran would have been proud of him, too. Quatres birthday was the same day that Wufei and Meiran were to be married, had she not died in battle. Hovering over the sink, Wufei suddenly felt dizzy and his limbs felt cold and numb. He held firmly to the sink so as not to fall. A tear rolled down the side of his warm cheek. The bathroom door swished open. It was Duo, coming to check upon Wufei. Hey Wufei, are you ok? Duo asked worriedly, wildly smacking Wufei on the back a few times with the palm of his hand. Wufei sniffled loudly and glared at Duo, who was staring back at him, his large, blue, child-like eyes wide with anxiety and worry for his friends safety. When Duos look of worry grew more intense, Wufei managed a smile with great difficulty and said, Im fine, Duo. I will return to the kitchen and help you pass out the plates and silverware, shortly. Duo stared at Wufei. Wufei did not look fine. Wufei looked like something he had never looked like before- he looked weak. Duo was very frightened, Wufei seemed to be getting too sick- it was time to take him to the hospital. During the last few weeks, Wufei had not been eating very well, and every day he was growing thinner and weaker. Duo and Trowa stopped by Wufei and Sally Pos place every day to try to get Wufei better. After work at the hospital, Sally Po would stop by Catherines diner and would bring home soups to Wufei. They were about all Wufei would ever eat. And every day, Duo, Trowa, and Sally Po watched Wufei sink deeper and deeper into depression and sickness. And no one could figure out what was wrong with him. Quatre had stopped by and told Wufei that he could confide in him, but Wufei would not tell Quatre or anyone else anything about what was troubling him so much. The day before Quatres birthday, while Wufei was sleeping in his room, Quatre, Trowa, Duo, and Sally Po discussed what they should do with Wufei. When Heero arrived, he suggested that they take him to the hospital right then and there. If you dont take him now, you will regret it later. Take Wufei to the hospital. Deep starvation has already set-up and is now causing his major bodily functions to fail. Take him to the hospital now., he implored. Wufei stirred from his slumber, and Sally Po rushed to his bedside. Sallys in denial, Heero. She believes that she can heal him herself., Duo told Heero, who shook his head in disgust. Thats odd. Why cant she just take him into the hospital? Wufei needs a rigorous program to get his health back. His problems are out of Sally Pos league of remedy. Trowa said, as he jammed his hands in his pockets and looked at Sally as she knelt by Wufeis bedside, placing a warm cloth upon his forehead, and whispering something to him. Why cant she just take him to the damn hospital?! Heero thought angrily to himself. Suddenly, flashbacks of when Wufei had turned against the gundam pilots replayed themselves in Heeros mind. Wufei, Trieze is dead., Heero had told Wufei from the cockpit of Wing Zero custom, and Wufeis reply was, No! Even today I still continue to fight him!! Wufei was dealing with a heavier burden, even way back then, he thought. But what could it be?! Heero left and stormed out of the door. Everyone is taking this too lightly. Wait till Quatres party is over my ass. Theyre gonna wait until its too late., he thought. And the next day, it was the day of Quatres birthday party, and Wufei had gotten substantially worse.
Well, tonight is Quatres birthday celebration. Well register Wufei into the hospital tomorrow., Duo thought, while looking at Wufei, who was still clenching to the sides of the sink, his thin frame barely strong enough to support what little weight there was left of him to support, And wed better hurry. Wufei is getting worse. He wont last much longer if we dont hurry up and get him some help.

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