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the fanfic I didn't finish
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Even on Quatres birthday celebration, a general uneasiness could be seen in Relenas face,

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as Heero was still completely unaware of the ordeal. While the others laughed and talked, Quatre could sense the uneasiness in Relena, and had decided that he would talk to her later on what she could do. And he also knew that it was in her best interest that she tell Heero. Heero was a good young lad, he would be able to systematically work things out, as he always had. Quatre knew this, as all the other gundam pilots knew and respected Heeros undying sense of loyalty to those he loved or cared about.
As Quatre observed Relenas uneasy small-talk with the guests, he secretly pondered why Dorothy was not present at his birthday party. The general warmth of the atmosphere around him was somehow missing something- it was like a fire, only smoldering in the ashes, without his love, Dorothy, at his side.
Quatre was very angry with Dorothy when Relena told him that she was suspicious that Heero and Dorothy may have had several romantic encounters. Quatre knew that Heero was very fond of Relena and would never do such a thing. It was Dorothy, always trying to get ahead by putting others down. She could never face up to her own problems, so she caused problems for others in hopes of making her own seem less taxing. Quatres kindness appealed to everyone near and far, and everyone always seeked his support when they were stuck in a rut, including Dorothy Catalonia. He already knew what was going on with Dorothy when Relena told him Dorothys mistruths. Relena also told Quatre that she may have been pregnant. Quatre smiled to himself as he thought of his friend, Heero, who had lately seemed to have been extra friendly in the mornings at school at the academy. After their brief talk, Relena had felt a little better, and she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek which made Quatre blush and smile warmly, and then she hurried out the door to run some errands. After Relena left, Quatre slipped on some flip-flops, grabbed his jeeps keys, and fled out of the door on his way to Dorothys house. It was a long drive from the small town to the main city, where Dorothy lived. He had a bone to pick with her, and though he knew she would resist, he figured that there would be some way to get the truth out of her. Relena does not deserve such hurt and torment. Why cant Dorothy just be nice, just once, can she be nice? While the vehicle climbed up a steep hill, Quatres stomach began to feel uncharacteristically queasy while thinking of Relena. Snap out of it Quatre, this will all be over any minute now., he thought to himself, but the queezy pangs did not immediately recede. Perhaps he was a bit nervous, having to confront Dorothy once more, as the past had proven that doing so could be relatively dangerous. Dorothy doesnt mess around, Quatre knew, but he also knew that Dorothy was not as rash and uncaring as she often pretended to be. There was a side to Dorothy that people had rarely seen- a kinder side that she relentlessly hid with cruel apathies towards others. She was ashamed of it. Ashamed of her kindness. Quatre turned on the radio to the towns favorite AM station, DKGR 1-1-80, to hear his good friend Rashid comment on the new developments of the council in the Arabian colonies. Rashid was now ambassador of the Arabian colonies. Quatre smiled at hearing Rashids voice on the radio. The new government was doing very well under the leadership of Rashid and of the 40 former members of the Maganac corps. Yes, everything was going quite well in AC 200 now. As he neared Dorothys home, he sighed unhappily, while grabbing his side where a scar remained from his first confrontation with Dorothy, reminding him that things really could get ugly. He looked for her car in the driveway, and sure enough, there was a little red convertible beckoning for him to come and parlay. He was secretly happy that she was home, however. Lately, the two were beginning to become close friends, going out to trendy restaurants sometimes, with the gang, or sitting next to each other at the movies on group outings. Memories of secret escapades to the pond outback behind her house were atypical occurrences to Heero, Duo, Trowa, and Wufei, as they thought that something more was going on between Quatre and Dorothy, though Quatre said that it was nothing of the sort. But the feeling that his buds had so thoroughly described seemed very real, very familiar to Quatre. He was beginning to have a special affection for Dorothy. Once, Dorothy asked for them to meet on the beautiful meadows on the outskirts of Victoria. When he had arrived to their meeting location, she was not there. As he waited, his eager continence faded away, until, about a half an hour later, he found himself in perfect awe as she rose out of the small pond in front of the meeting spot. She had on a pink-flowered summer dress, her beauty spellbinding, as she gazed back into his eyes. In her arms she carried a helpless fawn, which was kicking helplessly and crying out for its mother. The OZs Pisces are still down there, though they have been idle of duty for the last year or so. When it resurfaced, I took advantage of the rare opportunity of getting help for Princess. Princess, the little fawn, had a bandage on its right hind leg. She knelt and lifted the fawn into Quatres arms, who was spellbound with Dorothys 180 and could not utter a single word, as he felt that little fawn trembling in his arms. While Quatre looked for a place to park, he knew that Relena had had every right to be disgusted with Dorothys selfish behavior, he was too. But he himself could not ignore the side of Dorothy that only he knew so well. He was falling in love with Dorothy.
Quatre parked on a side-street by Dorothys house, got out, and went directly to the back of the house where he knew Dorothy would be tending to her garden of Venus fly-traps and pitcher plants. Just as he had suspected, Dorothy was feeding her carnivorous plants. She dropped little pieces of cooked hamburger meat into the mouths of the fly-traps. Her dress was grass-stained