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the fanfic I didn't finish
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Quatre sat quietly in a corner of the dimly lit cabin room,

staring out of the window at the peaceful night sky. Dawn was approaching. It was the eve of Autumn, and the leaves on the trees rustled restlessly, ready to fill the earths floor with a fresh gargantuan array of beautiful red fiery golden autumn leaves. The air was sweet with the aroma of flower oil from the mature blossoms that covered the ground. It was a beautiful day in Autumn, two days after Quatres twentieth birthday. He and the other gundam pilots had decided that they were all going to get wasted on Quatres birthday.

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It turned out to be a successful small gathering of friends, but shit went down. Quatre couldnt help to think of all the things that had happened on that day that he turned twenty and the party was thrown for him. It seemed like, why, why was the earth so beautiful and yet so many ugly things had happened recently? Quatre had to wonder why. Quatre crouched and sobbed as the sun began to crest over the horizon, reaching through the window and lightly kissing his blonde hair with warmth. Quatre had to cry. It was something worth crying about.
It was a small, peaceful, and enchanting town that the pilots now lived in, Victoria, a small college town, near Lake Victoria in Eden Gardens, Italy. The local town pub was where the gundam pilots gathered for Quatres big day. Trowa had already asked his sister, Catherine who owned the bar and grill, if she would allow for Quatres party to be at the bar. Sure, after all, it is Quatres birthday, isnt it? she asked, while preparing some soup for Mr. Johnston, the former ringmaster of the Barton traveling circus. Mr. Johnston was old, and illness had set up in him. How old is Quatre now? 19? Oh, you all, you just grow up so fast! How you guys have grown! she said, while dipping a large spoon into the mushroom soup and slowly sipping it, to check for flavor. Quatre has turned 20., Trowa stated matter-of-factly, while flipping through the local newspaper. The papers main article was about the final end of the numerous wars that had been throughout the galaxy, and of how glad the citizens from different areas were that everything was finally over. For four years, now, the war against Dekim had been no more, and the following trivial battles had also ended two years ago. And since the wars end, many new things had happened with everyone. The night that Quatre celebrated his birthday, everyone enjoyed each others company and spilled the beans on some current happenings in the small town. Quatre could remember the gossip his friends hashed as plain as day.

Heero got an A- in his advanced advanced computer class, Duo had teased, taking a short sip of beer, and laughing. Heero glared at Duo, while everyone laughed at him. Whoa Heero, is something wrong? You never get an A- in the computer sciences! Quatre exclaimed, laughing wholeheartedly at his friend. Like I said before, Duo, the only possible explanation is an error on the scantron., Heero argued, with eyes shut with intense embarrassment and gripping and resting his hands on the bar. The gundam pilots roared in laughter at this comment. Well, Duo, Im sure youve also made simple errors such as Heeros!, a voice from near the entrance to the tavern replied to Duos joshing. Relena! Im glad you could come! Quatre leapt up from his seat and Relena gave him a big hug. Heero looked on, scowling slightly as the two hugged, and took a long sip of beer. Please, have a seat!, Quatre eagerly exclaimed, jumping up from his stool and ushering Relena to one of the seats near the rest of the gundam pilots. Relena gladly accepted and pulled a stool up next to Heeros. Im so sorry that Im late, something had come up down at the united colonies council at the last minute. I had to be there. The final decision on whether to spend one-third of the spheres budget on aiding the Preventers or to donate the money to the educational board had to be made today. No one doubted Relenas explanation. Every one knew how busy things were at the national council lately. Its ok, Relena. I was just tellin Quatre here and the fellas about how badly Heero is doing in his computer class! Heero, you know were just kidding you, right buddy? Duo turned and grinned at Heero, who gave Duo the finger. Geesh, it was just a joke., said Duo, exasperated, as he took another swig of beer. Duo and Quatre turned to Trowa and Wufei and began to talk of current affairs within the small town. Heero lightly and quickly kissed Relena, and then reached in his pocket and pulled out a waded up scantron and the two began to analyze the A- on Heeros scantron.

The small color TV- a very outdated commodity, was on full blast at the diner, and Catherine was in the back of the kitchen, putting some final touches to Quatres cake. It was an excellent cake, as Catherine had become a very good cook since her days of just making excellent soups in the circus tent. Passers-by could hear the merriment and laughter emanating from within the tavern and could smell the wonderful zesty down-home cooking and sweet-smelling cakes being prepared for Quatres big dinner. It was a cool fall evening. Quatre was really happy that his fellow gundam pilots and Relena were there, yet, he was disappointed that Dorothy Catalonia, his girlfriend, could not make it. Only Wufei and Trowa, Heero, and Relena knew where Dorothy was, she was out paying off the last of the huge price tag on Quatres most splendid birthday present, a brand-new Harley-Davidson classic motorcycle. Everyone knew that Quatre would almost keel over with excitement and gratification when they brought him outside to see his new gift that Dorothy had hauked her own car to get. Trowa and Heero helped a great deal on it as well, and Wufei pitched in a little money. No one told Duo, Heero warned the rest that Duo might tell. He remembered when he confided in Duo about how madly in love he was with Relena, and Duo later told Relena every word that Heero had said to him. If it wasnt for Duo, he and Relena would have never been together, since Heero himself was too shy to tell her how he felt. But he knew that Duo would blab at the first chance he got if he knew about Quatres big surprise, so no one told Duo the secret.
Many things had changed since the days of Gundam, but some things did not. Everybody continued to have a little animosity towards Dorothy Catalonia. Dorothy was still relatively mischievous, as she continued to lie on people and blaspheme the names of several major corporations in front of the medias eye. She has always been endlessly jealous of Relenas success, who got the promotion to 2nd rank chair in the council, the very position that all of the lower council members, including Dorothy, had been vying for, for the last two years. Relena was completely blind to Dorothys jealousies of her, as she always had been, and this proved to be a downfall for her, the council federation, and her friends, as Dorothy continued to manipulate administration without hindrances. If anyone could stop her, it would have been Relena. Even Quatre cannot convince Dorothy to be civil for one second by himself.
Once, Dorothy tried to sabotage Relena and Heeros relationship so that Relena would become idle with despair and not be able to perform as well in the concils organization. Dorothy would then rally as a candidate for the position, and steal the job from Relena. Who else would do something that low but Dorothy? She began going over to Heeros house for math tutoring at odd hours of the night. She began to lie on Heero and tell Relena of false romantic exploits that she shared with Heero. When Relena confronted Heero about Dorothy, he thoroughly denied the accusations, and discontinued the math lessons altogether. But Dorothys words did bother Relena, and Relena eventually declined in performance within the organization. She assumed that her poor performance there was due to her having to split her time between Victoria Academy and the space government, so she disenrolled from her classes. Dorothys untimely ploy hit Relena pretty hard, as it was rumored that her brother, Millardo, and his guerilla partner and lover, Lucrezia Noin, had recently died in battle in a colony far away. It had been years since she had seen either one of them, and she was beginning to believe those dreadful rumors. She thought of Noins words of inspiration before the two fled the colonies to become soliders missing in action, Relena, remember, you can always write to me and to Zechs. And you can count on me for advice for the sake of your work in the council, and as a friend. On the night that she heard that Zechs and Noin had died, she drove to the post office and put a letter in the blank inbox designated to the two heroic pilots. In it, she asked Noin for specific advice. Relena was pregnant. She did not tell Heero. And though Zechs and Noin always wrote back, it was likely that she would never hear from Noin or her brother again.