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Bankrupted Teardrop


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Phantom Magic Kiss

Phantom Magic Kiss

In the evening
While it is dark
I walk upon the surface of
The cold, ice cold, tiled patio.
And look at the sky.
All I see is dull blackness
Softly staring back at me.
All I feel is
Phantom fingers caressing
The small of my back.
All I taste
Is the phantom magic kiss
From your sweet lips.

One day,
When I learn how to drive,
Im going to go over to your house
And look at it.
And Im going to wonder why
I cant get up the nerve
To go up to the door and
Tell me why
Why cant I
Go up to the door and
Is it for fear
That you will hurt me again
Or am I scared
That you will never grant me that last one wish
A simple taste
Of your special magic kiss