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Bankrupted Teardrop


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Empty Canvas

Empty Canvas Dan.C.

I have an empty canvas
Whose artistic idea displays
No colorful expression of love,
Nor any pending promise for contempt,
But a bland and helpless void of emotion and
Thought in all space and time.

My canvas isnt filled with
The image of hope or fulfillment,
My canvas lacks the blues and blacks
Of darkness and despair.
No pen, nor brush has touched the board
No line has blessed the canvas with its presence.
Upon the brink of the will to color,
My wish has been stolen away from me.

And now I have no dream to fulfill
Upon the thirsty blank canvas
All the images have gone astray,
All of which I would have loved to entertain;
The possibility of becoming real
In this dark, deep world
Of nothingness. How can one be
Trapped in a place where there is
Nothing, nothing to entrap them there, at all?