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Bankrupted Teardrop


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Poem: 15 days

15 days

The moon is at its fullest
On the 15th day.
Would someone tell me,
Why it is this way?
On this day, maturity spills over,
The moon is fat and her butt hangs lower.
Her shine is louder than a hot pink suit,
She flirts with the earth, and it wants her, too.
He wants her moonlight and he wants it now.
He needs it so bad, he cant tell her how.
He wants her light for the world to see,
Just how lucky to have her sparkle, is he.
She paints the sky with her glimmering art,
The work spills over from within her heart.
The earth takes it in; add 13 days, and then,
She empties her cup to start the cycle again