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I listened to this while reading a fic about Quatre

Welcome to a gundam fanfic

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

zechs and noin. copyrighted to Dan Camp.

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Better than Turn A Gundam, Gundam 0083, Gundam Seed, Gundam X, 08th MS Team, and any other Gundam Show!!!
This is a Gundam Wing fanfic.  It is based on the anime, sometime during and after Endless Waltz.  Yes, the gundams are all blown up now  (I cried during that scene!) and you will see how life is treating our 5 solider pals at peacetime.
There is a lot of detail, and a looot of focus on the characters from Gundam Wing in the writing.  This show kept me glued to the TV on Cartoon Network.
some spolier info from previous entries:a steamy scene involving Wufei and.... I can't tell you if you haven't read it.  It ain't Sally Po. And Heero like, getting a bad grade on a test or something.  Wonder what's happening with Zechs Merquise...
PS THIS WAS A FIRST DRAFT so don't hate! :-P
*original text*
I hope you like it. I don't know how others write theirs, or whatever. This is the first (and only!) fanfic I've ever written. I had this site up for a while somewhere else, but I took it down. Here it is, again! Also, Tripod or somebody won't let me use quotation marks and apostrophes. So, you'll just have to *imagine* where you think they actually are...and...should I finish the fic?
*new text again*
let me answer that question. NO. lol and if I write another one, some of that explanatory stuff will be taken out, more action!

What's New?-
Gundam Revisited see details.

Gundam...REVISITED!!  And I will put up some of my other fanfics.  They will be linked to, from this site.
I finally remembered how to get back to this site.  Don't think my Gundam obsession is over, 'cause it's not.
7/01/03- wow...I looked myself up in yahoo before going to school today and found that people actually signed the guestbook! gnarly dude! and it was nice to see such nice comments 'cause I'm goin through a kinda painful break up, it's nice to see good comments about your writing, you know? You know what? I'll link soon to two fanfics I made about FF7 in here. Well, talk to you guys later
2/5/03- yeah, I'm never gonna finish this. but I might put up the other ones I wrote, so you can see them. they're short. they're finished. and hell, why not. Maybe this weekend, ya'll
12/08/02- while being sent home from work so I didn't give everybody else laryngitis, I came home, went online, and found out my site was actually listed
5/10/02- thinkin about adding my wufei/relena stories, from my diary. it was funny to see my little sister's reaction when she got down to a certain paragraph that made it obvious who I was pairing up. She said, -no, no, no, no, no....-
nothing, really

11/14/01- started the site.